The greatest hits of Cliff & The Shadows authentically recreated.

Fender Stratocaster guitars  -  Burns Marvin guitars  -  Vox amplifiers  -  Premier drumkit

& a Cliff if necessary

The Shadohs are a tribute band dedicated to the music of The Shadows and Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

Able to offer a variety of shows for Corporate and Theatre audiences and many types of venue.


 The Shadohs are four talented and experienced musicians.


Matt Longhurst  -  Rhythm guitar in the style of Bruce Welch.

Mark Winter  -  Drums in the style of Tony Meehan and Brian Bennett.

Gary Higgins  -  Bass guitar in the style of Jet Harris and John Rostill.

Nick McNulty  -  Lead guitar in the style of Hank Marvin.


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The Shadohs - the foot tapping tribute to the Shadows

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